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Garrett- Bill Taco

Garrett- Bill Taco

SKU: 0426210101

Metal and bone sculpture, 36" x 20" x 7", $2400


    From the artist: I picked up these genuine Texas cow horns at a truck stop outside of El Paso in the early 90's. I've had them mounted to a VW bug, a Plymouth Grand Fury and a de-commissioned Reno Police SWAT. van. I decided to retire them from the driving life and build a proper mount for them. The tools were gathered from my late grand father's barn since that was my original destination back then. The brain area is composed of keys from my grand mother's type writer. She always provided me with wonderous words to live by.


    We offer local delivery within the general Reno-Tahoe region. Due to the nature of care and handling required for each piece of art, shipping rates are a flat fee within the rest of the continental US.

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