who WE ARE

Celebrating the HeART of Reno.
Driving the 
Reno Creative Movement.

The Reno Fine Arts Collective is a new initiative that celebrates, promotes and advances the unique creative spirit of Reno-Tahoe.

Founders Kevin O'Keefe and Briana Dolan are Reno based artists who are constantly thrilled and inspired by the natural and ever-changing beauty around them. The father-daughter duo have long shared a creative energy that has encouraged and fostered their mutual respect for the dynamic artistic expression intrinsic to their home city.

The Reno Fine Arts Collective seeks to represent local creative talent, presenting and promoting to the world a gallery of what is uniquely special from Reno-Tahoe.

In a wider and more far-reaching project, the RFAC hopes to share in leading an inclusive citywide project that embraces the creative spirit of the region. The Reno Creative Movement aims to put a spotlight on local artists and creators, as well as to mark Reno, on both a regional and national level, as a burgeoning artistic and cultural center. 

Through the Reno Creative Movement, RFAC envisions citywide events and an outpouring of new community creative energy, attracting art enthusiasts from near and far to be a part of the exciting and inspiring Reno-Tahoe creative scene. The Movement aims to raise Reno's finest artists to a new and alluring stage, setting a powerful creative fire that won't soon go out.